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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Maternity Clothes

A problem that would occur is how much money you are willing to spend on maternity clothes. This is because it is only worn for a short period of time. Not every body is like Angelina Jolie or Katie Holmes that can sport designer clothes during pregnancy and then just stuff it back in the closet like it wasn’t that expensive.

On the brighter side of things, these celebrities show us that there are really maternity clothes that are fashionable, where you could still be yourself. Well, this is opposed to unflattering maternity pants and tent-like dresses.

Here are some solutions where you can dress like celebrity pregnant moms but still be within the budget.

1. Get your money’s worth. Select clothes that you can wear while you’re pregnant all the way to your nursing stage. Another suggestion would be buy clothes that could go well with your existing clothes that still fit.

2. Borrow. There is nothing wrong from borrowing your sister’s or aunt’s maternity clothes. Here you really save money. The problem is you just have to let their sense of style work for you.

3. Plus size rocks! Sometimes, just plus sizes of the average clothing would work for you. No need to buy special maternity clothes. Often times, plus sizes cost less than clothes meant for pregnant women.

4. Look through your husband’s clothes. This speaks for itself.

5. Look for discounts and sales. Raid the malls with sales. Visit factory outlets and yard sales to look for some cheap clothing.

Now you know where to look for the maternity clothes for at less cost. However, sometimes we really have no choice but to shop for new ones. Here are is list of steps to follow in shopping for maternity clothes.

1. Know your before pregnancy size and shop for it. Most shops base their sizes on your size before you were pregnant. This way they can estimate how big you are going to get.

2. Keyword: Stretch. Buy clothes that can stretch. These clothes would be made up of 4-10% elastin or spandex. This would ensure that the clothes will expand while you do.

3. Consider your growing belly. Thus, check the maternity clothes’ cuts. There should be room for the growth of the belly.

4. Buy dresses that would flow down to your knees or lower. This is because the hem will rise when your belly gets bigger.

5. Buy more tops than bottoms. Mix and match the different tops with the bottom.

6. When trying the maternity clothes, feel how it wraps around you tummy and if the breats are comfortable.

7. Buy only two to three bras because the breasts tend to grow bigger after pregnancy.

8. Splurge on only one outfit. This one outfit can be used during special occasions when pregnant.

Be Affordable with Leather

Leather is derived from the hides of animals like cows, sheep, goats which normally are the domesticated ones. The hides undergo a series of process under rigid conditions which help the raw hide in becoming a strong one enough to protect you from the outside.

Leather production dates back to the days of roman military times when soldiers were provided with shoes of tough leather to stand against the enemies in difficult and testing conditions. They proved to be a great boon to them. Leather shoes remained tough on desert conditions. Ancient time soldier was also equipped with leather pouches for carrying daggers and other war ammunitions. Belt was also made of pure leather.

Leather has been a great product in any which way and the poor man as well loved it. Alright it results in the cruel killing of the animals but compared to the uses of leather, it is the right thing to do. Though I’m personally opposed to the brutal killings of animals, I really love leather products.

I hope leather products had been more affordable to the average man. Some established brands have brought about a massive increase in prices. As there is a direct relationship between good leather finishing and price, it would be nice to find some good leather for fewer bucks. After all the main raw material used is the easily available animal hides especially those of domestic ones. So do not stop your search here. Continue to find good leather products combined with a great price as there are really some factories doing it for you.

About Leather Belts

Since leather is animal skin, it consists of fibers that are liable to break if not lubricated regularly. If the fibers become dry then they tend to break or crack that would be visible on the belt. Hence, leather belts need to be lightly coated with leather dressing at least half yearly to maintain their durability and appearance.

Leather belts are susceptible to oxidation if not properly taken care of. Oxidation would result in the cracking or breaking of the belt surface due to dryness. Regular leather dressing would be able to put a stop to this problem. Also, leather belts are prone to oxidation if stored and not regularly lubricated with the dressing.

Ultraviolet rays in sunlight, ozone, and other pollutants in the atmosphere can also cause leather to deteriorate faster. They all cause adverse chemical reactions in leather causing the cracks and decay of the skin. Even treatment using harsh chemical compounds or high temperatures can cause the leather to damage faster. Even though leather spoils when stored without proper treatment, it is also important to use the leather belts away from high temperatures or direct heat.

Prior to treatment and lubrication dry leather must not be bent or stretched as this might cause the fibers to crack or break. A lubricant would be able to solve this problem, as it does not allow the fibers to chafe against one another. Dust particles and external abrasion would further aggravate this problem, either internally or externally. Hence, it is very important to ensure that the leather does not become very dry or have a flaky appearance. The treatment would ensure that enough lubricant is used to relive the dryness within the fibers.

Available in the market are some excellent leather dressings that can be used to make the leather belts always look new and healthy. These lubricants would be petroleum based and usually take good care of the belt for about 5~6 months. Oxidation and other abrasions would be controlled by this coating or dressing and would ensure that the leather belt is in good condition even for a number of years. Most of these leather dressings are chemical-free and are not very harsh on the leather causing further deterioration of the material. Also, they provide enough lubrication to make the leather durable and polished.

Info of Leather Skirts

A staple of the cold season’s designerwear, leather skirts can be seen everywhere. Interestingly, it is more about attitude than fabric and is usually worn by women who are comfortable in their skin. There is a certain confidence factor when you put on a leather skirt and a woman wearing one should be willing to be noticed. Why? Leather skirts are sexy. They exhale sensuality. They make you look and feel like a rock star.

Tailored leather skirts aren’t just available in classic black, as is the general perception. This season has witnessed a riot of colors including buttery cream, ruby red and even olive green. Although usually worn several inches above the knee, the length does not matter as much as the cut and styling. “The more luxurious it is, the quicker we sell it,” says couturier Balenciaga, whose Fall-Winter YOOX Collection is all about leather.

Leather skirts are increasingly being incorporated into everyday attire. Business casual is de rigueur and a mid-length tailored leather skirt makes a chic professional statement. Fashion experts say while workingwomen are using leather as a casual option, the runways showcase leather as a symbol of glamour.