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About Leather Belts

Since leather is animal skin, it consists of fibers that are liable to break if not lubricated regularly. If the fibers become dry then they tend to break or crack that would be visible on the belt. Hence, leather belts need to be lightly coated with leather dressing at least half yearly to maintain their durability and appearance.

Leather belts are susceptible to oxidation if not properly taken care of. Oxidation would result in the cracking or breaking of the belt surface due to dryness. Regular leather dressing would be able to put a stop to this problem. Also, leather belts are prone to oxidation if stored and not regularly lubricated with the dressing.

Ultraviolet rays in sunlight, ozone, and other pollutants in the atmosphere can also cause leather to deteriorate faster. They all cause adverse chemical reactions in leather causing the cracks and decay of the skin. Even treatment using harsh chemical compounds or high temperatures can cause the leather to damage faster. Even though leather spoils when stored without proper treatment, it is also important to use the leather belts away from high temperatures or direct heat.

Prior to treatment and lubrication dry leather must not be bent or stretched as this might cause the fibers to crack or break. A lubricant would be able to solve this problem, as it does not allow the fibers to chafe against one another. Dust particles and external abrasion would further aggravate this problem, either internally or externally. Hence, it is very important to ensure that the leather does not become very dry or have a flaky appearance. The treatment would ensure that enough lubricant is used to relive the dryness within the fibers.

Available in the market are some excellent leather dressings that can be used to make the leather belts always look new and healthy. These lubricants would be petroleum based and usually take good care of the belt for about 5~6 months. Oxidation and other abrasions would be controlled by this coating or dressing and would ensure that the leather belt is in good condition even for a number of years. Most of these leather dressings are chemical-free and are not very harsh on the leather causing further deterioration of the material. Also, they provide enough lubrication to make the leather durable and polished.