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About Vintage Belt Buckles

Most vintage belt buckles date back to the beginning of the 1900’s. They are usually made of pewter and are engraved with images of gauchos of Mexico, Spanish sceneries, scientific bugs, butterflies and women of the South Pacific. These belt buckles hold a romantic history and wearing them will surely conjure a certain air of uniqueness that makes anyone feel special. Original vintage belt buckles may be too expensive to wear for just a regular night out with friends. Replicas are therefore the next best thing. There are several online stores where you can get them. They can give a wide selection of designs-from old Mexico flair to Japanese art. Others also accept made-to-order purchases. Usual lead-time to finish a buckle is two weeks. But there are craftsmen who can be flexible and adjust to your time frame or deadline.

A vintage belt buckle replica is a perfect gift for any occasion. If it’s for someone extra special, you can have the buckle made of sterling silver or gold. Aside from it being handcrafted, the extraordinary design will make that person feel extra special and truly appreciated. What’s more, vintage designed belt buckles aren’t just for women. Men appreciate old world sensibilities as well.