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Gypsy Skirt

A gypsy skirt is one that is free flowing, wide in the bottom, but hugging on the hips. The skirts are below the knee in length and can be made from just about any material at all. The gypsy skirt is one that will be worn with layers, with a tank top, and a sweater that doesn’t button in the front. The gypsy skirt can also be combined with the look of the modern times, with a skirt that hangs down on the hips, that goes down below the knees, but with a shirt that goes up from the waist to show off that belly ring or tattoo on the back. The gypsy skirt could be put out on the floor or on the bed, to make almost a complete circle at the skirt is pulled out to show off the design or the material used in making the skirt.

What happened to the fashion industry?

Many who are in the older generation who have worn the gypsy skirts for years when they were growing up feel the fashion industry shouldn’t take a turn back in time, but the truth is that the gypsy skirts were so much fun to wear, that they complimented the way a woman looks and feels when she is walking, talking and dancing, that the fashion industry brought back the gypsy skirts to boost the image of a woman who is truly enjoying herself and what she is wearing.

The gypsy skirt can be created from a solid color, or it can be combined of a mixture of colors. The gypsy skirt is one that will have layers, or at least it will look as if it has layers. There are generally three tiers to the gypsy skirt that will create a fuller and fuller look as the skirt moves towards the bottom of the knee. There is a very full look around the thighs and knee areas of the woman, while the fabric can cling to the waist and the hip areas of the woman giving an over all sexy appearance for the wearer.