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Info of Glow Bracelets

Glow bracelets retain their glowing capacity for 4-6 hours. They are available in solid and bi-colors. The solid colors available are yellow, red, blue, green, pink, white and orange. The bi-colors are green-blue, green-yellow and blue-yellow. They are also available as 3 in 1 glow bracelets and wrapped glow bracelets. The good quality and branded glow bracelets are safe for normal use. They do not react to heat. They can also be used where there is a composition of gases. They are easily portable and affordable.

Glow products are very helpful, as they have do not react towards heat and gas. They are water resistant and so they can be used during rain and as well as under water. They are economical and very much suitable for all special occasions and events. Glow products serve as personal identification in any event. There are two types of glow bracelets. The rates vary according to the size. A tube of 50 8-inch glow bracelets is available at $9. A tube of 100 of 8-inch glow bracelets for fun is available at $0.20 apiece and the special glow light stick bracelets are available at $5.95 each.

Glow bracelets are durable, affordable and attractive. Possessing them means happiness to the owners and they are sure to draw attention from others. The bracelets are heavy and can be used for all special events.